the new generation of premium Prometeon tyres with the PIRELLI brand

for long haul, regional, urban and construction sites use.


the new generation of premium Prometeon tyres with the PIRELLI brand

for long haul, regional, urban and construction sites use.

The Serie 02 is the result
of four years of study
and 180 million kilometres of tests

on the roads of Italy, Germany and Turkey.


The testing of 2,500 tyres
and the input of a working group of 100 professionals

drawn from research and development, marketing, logistics and commercial departments for the most important product launch in the history of Prometeon Tyre Group, the only tyre manufacturer in the world fully focused on the Truck & Bus, Agro and OTR sectors.

“The Serie 02 represents the state of the art of Prometeon and represents best practice in production of tyres for professional use,”


says Roberto Righi, General Manager of Prometeon Tyre Group. “For the company, it means a generational change of products thanks to our new technologies, focused on the sustainability of the tyres, starting with the use of raw materials and the production process to get to their recovery. This attention to the environment makes our products more sustainable both in the production process as well as in use, because they are able to promote the reduction of CO2 emissions as well as fuel savings – the latter is very important given the current market problems.”

Innovation and sustainability were
the key targets for Prometeon’s R&D team
when developing the new range.


It represents the maximum in terms of cost efficiency for professionals in the transport sector and respect for the environment, thanks to the technological solutions developed in Research and Development centers of the company in the name of sustainable innovation.

R&D effort was focused on an increasingly effective management of operating costs, to ensure high mileage on one side and “active sustainability” on the other: longer tyre life and lower rolling resistance, reducing commercial vehicles’ fuel consumption.

There was an intense focus on the compounds and the manufacturing processes to obtain a very balanced product, able to offer the best performance while fully respecting the sustainability
principles and with the lsame safety standards.

Indeed, compared to the previous range,
the Serie 02 improves in all performances:


rolling resistance is on average 18% less for the first five product lines


mileage is improved by 10% on average


durability is improved by 20% on average


wear is improved by 10% on average

“In the design and production we focused on formulations and use of renewable materials; on formulations containing sustainable materials and on technological solutions and innovative processes that have allowed us to optimize the weight of the tyres without any compromise in performance,”


underlines Alexandre Bregantim,
Chief Technical Officer of Prometeon Tyre Group.


“In addition, all products can be regrooved and are retreadable,
extending the useful life of the tyre.”

The first five product lines of the Serie 02 to arrive on the market are:




Designed to provide maximum efficiency in terms of fuel consumption on long hauls, this tyre provides excellent road holding performance and short braking distances on both dry and wet surfaces, even in winter conditions. 


All the tyres in this line are rated A for fuel efficiency, B for wet grip and rank among the best-in-class.




This is a versatile product line, providing 17.5″ and 19.5″ tyres for trucks operating on long hauls regional and urban routes, and is designed to provide fuel efficiency and durability.


The tread patterns are designed to provide grip and traction in all seasons and on wet and moderately snow-covered surfaces, as well as to ensure optimal distribution of the footprint (to the benefit of even wear and mileage).



This product line is dedicated to trailers and semi-trailers and has been designed to offer maximum durability, versatility and load capacity.


The technologies, the tread pattern and the compounds make it the optimal product for both long-distance motorway and regional applications in all climate conditions, with important performance improvements compared to the previous line: 15% improved mileage; 20% improved tear resistance and integrity; 15% improved even wear.




This product line satisfies the needs of the new generation of electric buses thanks to a load capacity of up to 8 tonnes per axle: this allows the use of long-range batteries on a bus without compromising the number of passengers.


The new product line features a 10% lower rolling resistance compared to the previous product and ranks among the best in class, rated B for energy efficiency.




This product line is dedicated to steering axles and semi-trailers of vehicles used on construction sites and on mixed on and on-/off-routes, and has been designed to offer maximum durability, load capacity (with increase up to 10 tonnes per axle) and high mileage even in severe applications.


The technological innovations in the structure, compounds and tread pattern ensure performance improvements compared to the previous line: 10% improved mileage; 20% improved integrity: 15% improved tearing resistance and stone rejection.